Western Sahara

After I started taking photography more seriously back in the early ’90, there came the great opportunity to travel to the refugee camps of the Polisario down in South-Western Algeria, some 20km outside of Tindouf.
A colleague and friend of mine asked me 1991 if I would join him to help train the workers of the engine rebuilding workshop a little German NGO set up in the camps. Funny thing was, just one day before I read an article in the GEO magazine about the Western Sahara conflict, the camps and the just brokered ceasefire between Morocco and the Polisario Front. Curious as I was, I couldn’t say no and returned several times over the years.

Sheik in Smara refugee camp near Tindouf

Polisario soldiers in the Tifariti area in Western Sahara

National hospital in Rabuni near Tindouf

Links regarding the Western Sahara situation:
Sand & Dust Blog
The Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara
Sahara Occidental – Western Sahara News

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