Fuji X100 – another hit and miss. (ranting again)

Why Japanese camera company’s don’t get it?

Fujifilm build a gorgeous looking camera, shows it at Photokina 2010, steals the entire show with the concept, takes 6 month to finish it and screws up so badly in its usability.
Ok, the lens is fine, the picture quality matches everything out there, but…

I mean, it should not be so difficult to round-up a bunch of real photographers to give a new camera a ride and let them point out the quirks, flaws and absolute no-go’s.
If you take a look at the bugs, quirks and eccentricities dpreview found in their X100 review, you can imagine no real person who has the slightest idea what a photographer want and need, was actually involved in the firmware creation.

I had high hope’s to find “my” compact camera in the X100. I’m not that hard to please.
I learned decades ago that every camera has its quirks and shortcomings.
But with the current firmware, I don’t think I will even try the Fuji X100. That’s sad, I like new gadgets.

Memo to Shigetaka Komori (Fujifilm CEO):
Take the guy responsible for the X100 firmware behind the barn, and let the firmware team start all over again. Wouldn’t be a bad idea if you tell the team they have to apologise with some digits, the old yakuza way, if they screw up again. 😉

Looks like I’m stuck with the huge AF-S 35mm/1.4 G and D700 for a while longer… damn! Some times I hate being too poor for a Leica M9 with a little 35mm Summicron Asph.

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