Bibo on the ladder

In February I mentioned this test shoot my friend Claus had with Nina and Hanne last summer, where he invited me to participate. Here are some other shots I got that day.

There is this old abandoned train station just across the street of Claus studio that we use occasionally. That was about the last time I tried my big old Nikkor AF 300mm/2.8 for portraits. I’m sure I made quite a fool of myself standing in a bush with that beast, trying to get the right distance to Nina on that ladder, shouting instructions from some 20m away.
Slightly embarrassed I quickly moved closer, switching to the 180mm and the newly acquired 135mm DC. When I compared the shots later on-screen, the 135 DC produced the nicest skin tones of the bunch. It’s a really lovely lens!
After that shoot the AF 300/2.8 went back in the closet again and eventually funded the new AF-S 85/1.4 G some month later.

Nina called it her Bibo outfit… 🙂

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2 Responses to Bibo on the ladder

  1. kweide says:

    Die sind sehr, sehr gut gelungen. Die würde ich gerne in Pastellfarben sehen … ein wahrer Augenschmaus.


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