More Miriam

After changing my main RAW converter from ACDSee Pro 3 (never was happy with Capture NX or NX2) to Lightroom 3 last year, I had to reprocess all of my edited pictures from the Lu and Miriam shooting. While that was good to learn Lightroom, somehow I never got the reprocessing quite right of this dark skin tone I managed to get out of ACDSee Pro and used on a subset of the Miriam pix. Only last week, when I decided the crop of the first picture should be wider under the chin, but had no uncropped TIF saved, I had to sit down and recreate the look to match the other pix of the set.

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1 Response to More Miriam

  1. oldwolfe says:

    Hello Marc, very nice sensual pics. I particularly like her hairdo in the last picture. Withrespect to the skin tones, I see no reason why you could not do this in Capture NX2 with U-points. I frankly find that when I stay within one software, in my case Capture NX2, I keep the originals and have an easier time doing the different iterations; But, congrats on very many very nice pictures; I follow your site. Kind regards

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