Fujifilm X-Pro 1, the most interesting leaked camera so far.

Fuji did it again.

After all the hype the new announced and much-anticipated Nikon D4, Canon 1DX and the soon upcoming Nikon D800 triggered in the last days and weeks, Fuji will get an awful lot of attention with their freshly leaked Fujifilm X-Pro 1 like they did after the announcement of the Fujifilm X100 last year.
Basically a digital Contax G1, or if we are very lucky more of a Contax G2, Fujifilm designed an autofocus digital compact camera with a zoom-viewfinder mated with their hybrid viewfinder and a 16MP DX chip for the X-Pro 1. On top of that the X-Pro 1 comes with a fast Fujinon 35mm/1.4 standard lens, a 18mm/2 wide-angle and a 60mm/2.4 macro. That translates in a 27mm/2, 53mm/1.4 and 90mm/2.4 in FX terms.
Since Fujifilm is well-known for their excellent Fujinon lenses, this are exiting news.

I only worry about the handling and especially the menu of the X-Pro 1. If they get it right this time, I’m in. But if Fuji didn’t learn from the menu and handling mess they made with the X-100, I’m out. That would be a real shame, because the basic ‘street lens kit’ I use for my D700 is a 28mm/1.4, 50mm/1.4 and 85mm/1.4 trio.
The Fuji X-Pro 1 camera and lens leak looks like a perfect compact kit for my basic needs without breaking the bank or my back.

Fujifilm please, don’t rush it! Take your time! I gladly wait an other year for a refined X-Pro 1. Have your engineers take a close look at the simple menu of the Leica M9. Scrap the useless dedicated RAW-button of the X100 and X10! Give the X-Pro 1 a fast and useful focus peek feature. Keep it simple! Let the camera support the photograper and not fight him. Give some prototypes to real photographers to iron out the quirks, please!

Fujifilm, I don’t doubt your expertise in high quality lenses or the new 16MP sensor for a second, but please, get the handling right this time… I beg you!

Update (2012-01-08)
The ‘leaked’ pix are getting better… 🙂
For the latest news about the X-Pro 1 visit Photo Rumors

Damn that thing looks nice!

Update (2012-01-09):
Dpreview.com posted the press release, technical specs and a Hands on preview of the Fuji X-Pro 1

After reading the review and studying the pictures I found only one flaw in the X-Pro 1 (I can name a half dozen stupid things in the D700, that I love to use): The tripod screw prevents to open the batterie/SD card door when a quick release plate is mounted. Everyting else sounds and looks good, great or better.

This is already the most interesting camera of 2012 for me! The 18mm/2 and 35mm/1.4 are a big part of that as well. An other well thought out detail.

Did anybody got that I never even speculated about Fuji’s new 16MP X-Trans sensor? I do realise that sensor might become the most exiting sensor developement in the last decade but I don’t care about it as long as the camera and lenses are right.
I wouldn’t wonder if some people at Canon and Nikon are loosing a lot of sleep about it while gnawing on their finger nails right now…

Domo arigato Komori-san!

I think I have to take some of my remarks back. First of all I hope all your (remaining) firmware-technicans kept their digits in the developing process of the X-Pro 1. 😉
Second, this camera might be more of a digital AF version of the Konica Hexar RF than a Contax G2. Nice shot over Leica’s bow!

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2 Responses to Fujifilm X-Pro 1, the most interesting leaked camera so far.

  1. tigerclaws says:

    Oh man.. I am SO happy I didn’t go for the E-P2, or the E-P3, didn’t care much for the Panasonic lineup of m4/3rds, or even the Fuji X100 or the Sony NEX-7 (almost fell for it).

    Reading a lot of reviews and predictions of X100’s successor, I knew that it would be grand – and it sure is!

    Leica can kick it’s butt! 😀

  2. Hi Marc. How’s it going? Want to add your X-Pro 1 review to
    GearBundles? It should be easy, but I’m just getting started and there
    might be bugs! You can find instructions on our X-Pro 1 page:

    (look under “Blog Posts” near the bottom)

    Want to try it? Happy to help if you get stuck. It’s early days for
    GearBundles, so feedback is definitely welcome.

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