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Nikkor AF 28mm/1.4D flare

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Since I mentioned in my little ‘review’ of the Nikkor AF 28mm/1.4D that I think it has better resistance to flare than the Nikkor AF-S 24mm/1.4G I thought I might show how ‘bad’ the 28/1.4D can flare in a worst … Continue reading

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Fujifilm X-Pro 1, the most interesting leaked camera so far.

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Fuji did it again. After all the hype the new announced and much-anticipated Nikon D4, Canon 1DX and the soon upcoming Nikon D800 triggered in the last days and weeks, Fuji will get an awful lot of attention with their … Continue reading

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The demise of the Noct Nikkor 58mm/1.2

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Sad story. The Noct Nikkor 58mm/1.2 is one of the few lenses I’m really interested in but never owned or had any experience with. Slightly inflated prices around $3000-$4000 for a used sample might have something to do with that… … Continue reading

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The perfect tripod?

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Tripods are unsexy, expensive and unwieldy. Nobody like to pay 500 buck’s or more for a good tripod ($ or €, not Yen!). Nearly everybody will try to get away with a 100 to 150 buck’s pod and every photographer … Continue reading

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The Nikkor AF 28mm/1.4D

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The Nikkor AF 28mm/1.4D is not a lens many people have personal experience with. Part because it is quite rare (only 7333 where ever made), part because it was and still is rather expensive. Nikon stated in their article about … Continue reading

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Nikkor AF 28mm/1.4D vs. Nikkor AF-S 35mm/1.4G bokeh

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I played a bit with the Nikkor AF 28mm/1.4D and AF-S 35mm/1.4G at minimum focus distance. Again, nothing scientific. I just pointed the camera hand-held on the leaf to compare the background rendering at f/1.4 without sharpening in Lightroom 3. … Continue reading

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