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Little rangefinders (there can’t be only one)

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In 2006 I went back using my analog Nikon F100 because my aging Nikon D100 didn’t give me much fun anymore. I never really liked the D100 and would have never bought the Nikon F80 it was based upon but … Continue reading

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The Fuji X100, the camera I would’ve liked to like…

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Since I’m reading about the X100 all over the place for month and see pictures made with it on the web that really look good, I had to give it a real try. Because from the specs it is the … Continue reading

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Light meters, grey cards and the ultimate answer (its 12, not 18 and 42 is totally off)

Ok, 12 is not the number that explains everything. But its a 12% grey that the light meter in our camera is calibrated to, not the commonly published 18% grey. What?? Yes, a Kodak grey card is 18% grey. But … Continue reading

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Fast Primes (for Nikon)

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I’m a sucker for fast primes. I like good lenses in general, but fast primes can be really special. While DSLRs had become some kind of disposable items lasting 2-4 years before updating it with the “latest and greatest”, a … Continue reading

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Fuji X100 – another hit and miss. (ranting again)

Why Japanese camera company’s don’t get it? Fujifilm build a gorgeous looking camera, shows it at Photokina 2010, steals the entire show with the concept, takes 6 month to finish it and screws up so badly in its usability. Ok, … Continue reading

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Camera rant: The quest for a decent compact camera

Sometimes I wonder what the engineers and marketing people of the big camera companies are drinking. Paint thinner? I mean, come on! I want a compact pocket able camera with a good lens and a DX sensor. I don’t want … Continue reading

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Panoramic camera

Last week I stumbled twice over posts about Jeff Bridges panoramic photos from the film set of True Grid (great movie btw!). For those who don’t know, he uses a Widelux panoramic camera with a 26mm/2.8 swing lens that covers … Continue reading

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